Getting rid of headaches through the application of pressure, through certain pressure points is called acupressure. The phrase acupressure is derived from the ancient Chinese healing procedure of acupuncture, which is mainly centered on taking advantage of pressure points. Pressure points for headaches relief simply refer to clusters of nerves situated at various locations around the body. These points are known to help in the regulation of blood as it circulates around the body.

On the other hand, headaches especially those which are brought about by anxiety, menstruation or common cold are caused by tightness and stiffness around the neck region, coupled by face muscles which inhibit the circulation of blood around the body. As strange as it may sound, stimulating the pressure points by simply massaging them should be able to help relax tight muscles and increase blood circulation as a result relieving the body of any painful headache.

Pressure Points For Headaches To Relief Pain

Pressure Points For HeadachesWe have all suffered from headache at one point in our lives. In fact with the pressure of work, school, or even home issues, headache is more of a way of life in today’s world. Apart from this tension headache caused by stress, there are other types of headaches which include headache due to sinuses, there is cluster headache which tends to appear in cycles, causing a lot of pain then suddenly disappears and it will again recur later.

Other types of headache include rebound headache which occurs due to over use of pain killers to cure headaches and migraines which is one painful headache that anyone can experience. But how can we get rid of headache?

Knowing the type of headache that you are suffering from is very useful for you to know how to cure it through a headache pressure point. Apart from the so many medications that we are given to treat headache, there are other treatments that actually cure your headache without any medication.

As said before, one of the ways of curing headache is applying pressure or just slight force to certain pressure points on your head and you can cure your headache. May be you are wondering what are these pressure points for headaches? Pressure points are a collection of nerves that are located at various points of the body and they normally help in regulating blood circulation.

Pressure points for headaches cure headache better especially if the headache is due to tension, anxiety or common cold. What happens when you have headache due to those reasons, there is tightness or stiffness in the neck and even on the face which end up inhibiting blood circulation therefore resulting into pain in the head which is what we refer to as headache. Applying pressure when you have tension headache will relieve pressure and increase blood circulation therefore relieving you of the headache.

If you have migraine type of headache then knowing that the pressure points for headaches will also relieve you of the symptoms. Migraine is caused by sleep disorders, hormonal change in the body and eating habits among many other reasons.

Good Pressure Points For Headaches

Below is a detailed overview of exactly where there the best pressure points for headaches are located, coupled by ways to leverage them and forget all about headaches, they include?

The Temples
First off, locate your temples (they should be on either sides of the head approximately an inch behind the eyes). Next, place your thumbs around the temple and then simultaneously massage them gently making sure that you rotate the thumbs in an anti clockwise direction while doing so.

The Thumbs
Simply place your thumbs at the back of your neck right by the base of your skull and along the two sides of your spinal column. Next gently tilt your head towards the back slightly making sure that you press the thumb in while pushing slightly upwards.

But also these pressure points for headaches can relief your headache:

Finding the meaty part of the back of your hand, and then just above the webbing right between the thumb and the index finger (using the thumb) squeeze the muscles pressing down very hard. This is a well-known pressure point for headache.

Placing the index finger right between the big toe and the second toe, and moving the finger approximately an inch to where the bones of the toes meet the inside of the foot and then pressing that point straight down.

There are also several other areas on your forehead, that you can apply pressure on to cure headache. Among the pressure points for headaches on the forehead is the area in between your eyebrows right where your nose bridge meets your forehead. Pressure on this region improves concentration relieving eyestrain headache. Use the index fingers to gently massage the inside end of the eye brows right above the bridge of the nose.

Another acupressure point on the face is on both sides of your nostrils. Applying pressure on these points help in relieving headache caused by sinusitis.

Taking into serious consideration all of the information mentioned above serves as a guarantee to come up with a very simple way to relieve yourself of painful headaches.  In addition to the above, it is strongly advised that in case you notice that the headache which you are experiencing is persistent, then you should make a point of consulting your doctor for further diagnosis. This is very important, because apart from ruling out the possibility of a more complex condition developing within your body, it may also help come up with a suitable treatment option. This can be very helpful, just in case there is more to your headache than that what the body is actually feeling at the time you choose to take advantage of pressure points for headaches.